we got the opportunity to hang at Prince Clause Conservatory. We got to sit in on some classes. one of the professors (citing blue train and a love supreme) said that all his favorite albums were "one vibe" through out... Hmm I'll have to chew on that one for a while. Jonathan Kresberg was there and we got to hear his perspective on incorporating the blues in a jazz context. He described it as "trying to sound dumb" or "Smart blues" playing something as though you don't know what it is when you actually do...another interesting idea.

Echoes got to perform during a lunchtime concert and we had a positive reception. Kresberg said that we "sound like a band" and that we will be playing for the rest of our lives. Largely because of the nature of my instrument I was asked to perform with Drum faculty Steve Altenberg at the Swingin' Gronigen Jazz Festival the following night.

you're always paying for something


we had a miserable travel day. After a 4 hour delay our hopes of switching airlines in Dublin turned into a 7 hour waiting game in which we gnashed our teeth, split into pairs, and generally limped our way to Gronigen from the Dublin airport. Originally we were supposed to get in at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Instead we got in at 2 in the morning... Even if we saved on plane tickets it ultimately was not worth the hassle. We found similar dissatisfaction with our housing situation. Lesson learned. Even if the price tag is higher, we need to keep in mind what we're actually paying for.

Last gig!


We had our last US performance for quite some time at Andrea Lehman's home in Trenton NJ. Great turnout and great vibe thanks Andrea!

Cape Cod


This was my first time being to cape cod. Man it was beautiful. We played at Beach Crest hotel and had some amazing seafood. We also had some requests. It made me think about the importance of intros in grabbing a listener. Although we played the songs correctly, in a couple of instances I don't think the requesters even recognized them because we didn't know (or couldn't play) the original intros. That says a lot about what grabs us and what sets the tone of a piece of music.

We were lucky we had a local pro sit in with us on guitar. Great player and a great hang with Pat Ryan!

9th Note


Played a fun hit at the 9th note. Had friends Josh Walker and Noah Sanderson sit in. While we mostly avoided playing at jazz clubs on this tour there really is a sort of public energy that you can't get in another setting. We might have to do more of these next time

I Messed Up...

So I said I was going to do a post every week and I didn't post once since I started this blog over a month ago... Oh well. I did keep a pretty good journal of our travels so I will make it up with some greatest hits from the East Coast Tour. Amsterdam highlights coming to you tomorrow


Had a great time playing the Greenwich town party today. After us was Tedeschi Truck's band and Hall & Oatts! We were playing on the local stage you can see the main stage in the back of this picture. We didn't have a long set but a good number of people listened liked it and bought a CD. Afterwards we got to enjoy the staff tent (with a nice spread) and a fun day of music

Leaving Oberlin

Today I leave Oberlin for a year of travel. I will be studying music in Chennai, India starting in late August. Before that I will be touring the East Coast, The Netherlands, and visiting the West Coast for Stanford Jazz Workshop. I've decided to post weekly about my activities this year, both as a way to keep my community updated and also as a publicly accountable sort of forced reflection. Today is my first post of this kind. I walked around Oberlin's campus yesterday and couldn't help but think about how much I've changed since I started school here four years ago. I swam in the Arb, and I knew no tunes. Yesterday I walked around the Arb and I know a lot more tunes... This has been a really wonderful place for me and I am so thankful for all the people who made it possible for me to thrive here. I'm sure I won't be gone forever but for now I'm off to Connecticut for some fun shows with Echoes!