This was a great month.  It just snowed here and that was wild because it is so normal but it’s been so long since I’ve seen it.

I’m proud of my progress. I worked on Spanish, some job apps, and getting musically prepared for Cuba. I also caught up on sleep and hung out with my parents and friends which was also great. The scene here is so familiar that I don’t have much exciting news to report. So this will be a pretty brief post.

My life after Beebe feels a lot closer now. I spent much of this month thinking about it and the weight has shifted: Instead of the future feeling like a distant release from extended travel and study it now feels like reality… with this as the vacation. I’m not treating this trip that way but after about a month the US feels like “real life” again.


My family is great. It was so nice to be around them. My sister came home. My grandma came over. My Aunt was in town. It was a big hang and those relationships don’t atrophy the way some of my friendships from high school do. That’s one of the things that makes family special and worth preserving.

Saxophone is super fun. It’s fun to work on music more abstractly but it’s also really fun to play sax. Harmony is alright too...

That’s about it. I head out this evening (happy birthday to me). More soon.