To Thailand

I am sitting in a beautiful hotel room outside of the Kochi airport waiting to take my flight to Thailand this evening. I am looking out on a serene lake surrounded by palm trees and I am overwhelmed by the sheer size of everything. I feel I'm a whole universe away from Chennai. But then... as I write this, a jackhammer begins to clamor away on the floor above me… Funny and I think kind of fitting.


The last week did not go exactly like I planned. I was unable to complete the meditation retreat I had hoped for because the location where I was hoping to complete it turned out to be sub-optimal. After a few days of trying to make it work for myself while moving around I concluded that the time wasn’t right. I chose to see more of Kerala and I am glad that I did. I took a boat ride down a backwater, swam in a warm ocean in February, and ate great Keralan food in a homestay. I had a great time and grew closer to my new friend Robert Mummundey who was a joy to be with. I felt like I was a whole universe away from Chennai and I felt more relaxed with each day.


I also realized after a few three hour sessions of meditation that it is a practice that takes time to build just like music. Trying to meditate for eight hours a day without ever doing more than thirty minutes before is kind of like trying to play saxophone for eight hours after taking a few weeks off. It just doesn’t get you that far. Meditation (and music) is more aof a way of living than some vacation I can do once… and then check enlightenment off my bucket list.


I think most of my reflections on my experience here in India are best said in my post “Ego Effort and Ending.” Right now I don’t really find myself thinking back on my time here too much. As I sit here I am writing a couple tunes, working on teaching applications, and planning my movements in Thailand/Ghana. India was so complicated and so intense and I learned a lot, but right now I think I’m more focused on what’s next! It should be a lot of fun, and I am just hoping to stay safe. More to come.