I'm out!

Maybe I'll post more philosophical stuff about India later but I've been scrambling to take care of everything I can while I have wifi. I'm headed to Kerala for a few days. I'm planning to do several days of intensive meditation and flute practice to clear my head and--in the words of my friend Bailey when beginning a medically questionable and legally dubious LSD micro-dosing regime--"see how I change"

Just to be clear on my future plans: I still have funds from the Beebe grant so I am using them to take a survey of several foreign cultures that I see has having more direct relevance to jazz than South Indian music. I will be spending about two months each in Ghana and Cuba but before I go there I am taking advantage of the insanely cheap travel in South Asia and learning a couple of flutes--Carnatic Bamboo flute and Thai Khlui... let's see how all this goes.