First week

I don't have a ton of time at the moment as I'm going to out to meet again with Srinivas Krishnan. The musician behind Global Rhythms at University of Miami, and an amazing singer and tabla player. I just wanted ot keep my promise of weekly posts and figured I'd start here.

It's been an amazing first week. I have seen so many colors and heard so many sounds. I have begun lessons here at Brhaddhvani and I am also singing in class with children (oldest miht be 12)... they are all way better than me.

So far I've seen 3 guys peeing on the street. Seen 6 cows. Countless chickens and gaots (some of whom are fighting each other) and been honked at maybe 600 times. It doesn't mean "get out of the way" here it means "hi, I'm here. I'm driving near you."

I have heard my first live Nagaswarnam. That was really an incredible experience. It is such a powerful sound I can't even really describe it in words. All I can say is that it doesn't come across on records with nearly the power it does live. Every temple has one. Check them out they;re cool.

I'll try to post something music-related each week too. I'm learning some rudimentary stuff but I learned an interesting displacement exercise:

in 4/4 7 4s and a 5

ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-ta-ki-ta

ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-ta-ki-ta

ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-ta-ki-ta

ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-di-mi | ta-ka-ta-ki-ta (last one only 6 groups of 4)

Kinda neat.. you can try it in any subdivision triplets with one group of 4 quintuplets with one group of six it had me hearing some interesting stuff cadentially when I applied it to some scales.