A great week in Port Townsend

I've been hanging out here with my Aunt Shirley and her Husband Mike who lives out here. i got the chance to see her beautiful art studio (she taught visual art at the University of Washington) and got to see some amazing views. We went out on the water in their boat and hiked up on hurricane ridge. Very inspiring. Very beutiful


I even got the chance to see Jovio Santos Nato, a really amazing pianist working with a new sax player Mark Taylor. It struck me that being a sideman as a horn player is extremely difficult because your job in many respects is more varied from gig to gig than a rhythm section player's is simply because there are more variations among melodies than among chord progressions and grooves. Obviously this doesn't account for all the subtleties that are different on every gig but... 

It also struck me that what is most important is not your solos but your sound, your delivery of the melody, and your ability to execute the "glue" (endings, beginnings, etc.) All of this Taylor did exceptionally well. This all comes back to something Mark Turner said last week about making the leader's tunes sound good, not making yourself sound good.