Third week

This post is coming a little late but my excuse was that I had my mind blown. So much happened that I will make this post in a series of fragments:


Sunday Billy Hart Quartet

Monday Taylor Egisti/Ben Street/Obed Calvaire

Tuesday Ambrose Akinmusire/Linda Oh/Obed Calvaire/Fabian Almazan

Wednesday Gilad Hexelman/Camila Meza/Linda Oh/Billy Hart/Ethan Iverson


Life Changing musical advice:

Linda Oh: Just listen to the metronome and feel entire forms go by. Clap every three beats and keep the form. Clap once every form. Sing a bass line. Voice leading. A melody... or just sit and listen to the metronome...

Ambrose Likes Joni MItchell more than John Coltrane!

If you write on piano and don't really play piano your tunes will sound like that (i.e. similar voicings similar melodic movement etc.)

Mark Turner: When transcribing think about how the type of language works in context. If you're a sax player (like me) who has transcribed a lot of Bird and Trane they you work well when the drummer is playing like Max Roach or Elvin... not so if they're playing like Tony. FIgure out how to get under that sound.

Chord scales are not worth much. Vocabulary and voice leading.

'pretty much all I did in undergrad was transcribe."

Listen to the bad gig right after and determine 1 how you feel 2 what you want 3 what you're going to do about it

Ben Street: "Morning Pages" check it out, it's hip

Ethan Iverson: You gotta deal with classical music but you really only need Bach and Chopin


There's no way I could sum up the depth of the experience here but hopefully you get a little snapshot.

PS Of all the faculty, the ones to hang out at the staff party until 6AM: Ben Street, Taylor Egisti... would you have guessed? Ben is also a raw vegan...