we got the opportunity to hang at Prince Clause Conservatory. We got to sit in on some classes. one of the professors (citing blue train and a love supreme) said that all his favorite albums were "one vibe" through out... Hmm I'll have to chew on that one for a while. Jonathan Kresberg was there and we got to hear his perspective on incorporating the blues in a jazz context. He described it as "trying to sound dumb" or "Smart blues" playing something as though you don't know what it is when you actually do...another interesting idea.

Echoes got to perform during a lunchtime concert and we had a positive reception. Kresberg said that we "sound like a band" and that we will be playing for the rest of our lives. Largely because of the nature of my instrument I was asked to perform with Drum faculty Steve Altenberg at the Swingin' Gronigen Jazz Festival the following night.