Leaving Oberlin

Today I leave Oberlin for a year of travel. I will be studying music in Chennai, India starting in late August. Before that I will be touring the East Coast, The Netherlands, and visiting the West Coast for Stanford Jazz Workshop. I've decided to post weekly about my activities this year, both as a way to keep my community updated and also as a publicly accountable sort of forced reflection. Today is my first post of this kind. I walked around Oberlin's campus yesterday and couldn't help but think about how much I've changed since I started school here four years ago. I swam in the Arb, and I knew no tunes. Yesterday I walked around the Arb and I know a lot more tunes... This has been a really wonderful place for me and I am so thankful for all the people who made it possible for me to thrive here. I'm sure I won't be gone forever but for now I'm off to Connecticut for some fun shows with Echoes!