I did it!

I have now completed the first exercise. I memorized the 24 pages of phrasing and I performed it continuously. I made some mistakes and I certainly couldn’t do it three times in a row but my guru has said that this is sufficient for us to move forward.


I feel very proud of this accomplishment and in retrospect it is kind of crazy that I spent all that time on it. It really was somewhere between a full and part time job for the last month.


I am feeling eager about the future. I am headed to Kolkata to experience Durga Puja first-hand and to meet some other musicians. I also want to take this time to reflect on my first month and a half and decide where I want to go from here. I came into this trying to have a completely open mind but now I see where the curriculum is going and I want to find a way to direct it towards my long-term goals. I’m not quite sure how to do this yet but I will think about it and come up with a strategy over the next week.


I am still working on meeting friends and musicians my own age. It has proven to be a real struggle.  Life is busy and unless someone has a good reason to want to spend time with you they would often prefer to do something else. This compounded with the fact that I don’t see anyone my age on a regular basis means that I still have yet to move much beyond the network I was given when I first moved here. There is also a complete derth of jazz here. This means that the primary way that I meet and interact with others is not available. This is maybe the biggest thing that I want to work more on when I return.


Sorry for the short post but I’m writing this in the airport. More content (and pictures!) to come next week I promise.